* Please note that there will be additional charge for the renewal of Spark Plug (limited to only 4 pcs), air filter changing of belts (air-con and fan). Please be assured that we will contact you if anything is needed to be changed.

Service Items
Castrol Magnatec Castrol Edge 5W40
Change Engine Oil (4L max) Yes Yes
Replace Oil Filter Yes Yes
Maintenance Check
Brake Fluid Yes Yes
Gear/Transmission Fluid Yes Yes
Power Steering Fluids Yes Yes
Radiator Water (Coolen) Yes Yes
Windscreen Water Yes Yes
Battery Water Yes Yes
Fan Belt Yes Yes
Air Con Belt Yes Yes
Clean Air Filter Yes Yes
Check Operations of Lights Yes Yes
Check Horns & Wipers Yes Yes
Check Tyre Pressure and Wear Yes Yes
Check/Adjust Handbrake Yes Yes
Check Brake Pads & Shoes Yes Yes
Check Undercarriage Yes Yes