4 Reasons to drive down to HLH Tyre

Flagship Tyres

1Sumitomo’s New Flagship tyre, HTR ZIII, is categorized as a maximum performance tyre, and is developed under state of the art technology from Sumitomo. Its innovative asymmetric tread pattern, special tread compound and tread design provide a good grip on wet conditions.


Altas Battery

2Atlas hard rubber Batteries are established in 1945 and has since catered to the needs of passenger cars of varied capacities, trucks, tractors, heavy vehicles. All products are ensured of high quality, exacting standards, and aimed to deliver full customer satisfaction.


Car Servicing

3Our trained mechanics conduct a series of checks and tests to make sure your car is basically safe and road worthy. We use quality parts and materials to prolong the life of the car and it’s parts, save you money, reduce the risk of breaking down and make your car a safer drive.



4Retreading a previously worn tire is meant to extend its useful service life. The old tread is buffed away, and a new rubber tread is applied to the bare “casing” using specialized machinery. Our trained mechanics provide such retreading services for trucks and buses.